PSA – Interclub Competition

General Entry Details for PSA Interclub Competitions

All photographers must sign and submit a PSA image release form by the entry deadline. Image release forms are available at the PSA website. CLICK HERE for the form. A submitted Image Release Form is valid for two years. Email forms with the subject of “PSA Interclub Competition Image Release Form” to You may contact Paul Sylvia for validation of your release form on file.

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Image Submission – One image in each category up to five total images. PSA categories: Color, Nature, Monochrome, Photojournalism and Photo Travel. The same image may not be entered in multiple categories. A previous PSA competition image can be entered if it did not win an award.

Image Size and Type Maximum image width is 1920 pixels. Maximum image height is 1080 pixels. Minimum image long edge is 500 pixels. Files must be in JPG/JPEG format in sRGB color space.

Image Titles must be unique and descriptive may not to exceed 35 characters in length. Titles must be characters from Aa to Zz and 0 to 9. Do not use special characters such as ” ‘ / ! ? \ % $ # @

Upload Images: For best results upload one image at a time to remain under file transfer memory restrictions. Please click the Submit button, located below the image selection area, after each image selection. After first image uploads use the Add/Edit/Delete button to continue.

Contact for password reset or uploading issues. Please make subject line “PSA Submission Page Request”